Our company are specialized in manufacturing sintered neodymium iron boron magnets, Ferrite magnets , also supply magnetic assemblies & devices. We offer our customers a larger product range, include Neodymium magnets,Ferrite magnet, Flexible magnet, and all different kinds of magnetic assemblies & devices.

Ferrite Antenna Rod

Antenna rod is made of ferrite, used in radio antennas. Ferrite rod antenna is almost university used in portable transistor broadcast receiver and HiFi tuners where receiption on the long, medium and short wave bands is required.

Ferrite rod are also being used increasingly in wireless applications in areas.
Magnetic Ferrite Rods, the frequency ranges 5-50 kHz for very long waves and
long waves (VLF/LF), 50-300 kHz long wave (LF), 300-2000 kHz medium wave
(MF) as well as 2000-14000 kHz short wave (HF)
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